Cover by Kevin Barnes.


Beyond Words, Beyond Silence is based on "What Rough Beast," "Ceremony of Innocence," and "The Rest Is Silence"--the powerful conclusion of Second Season. Unlike those episodes, this novel does not end on a cliffhanger, with Catherine's distant voice, from the cave, screaming Vincent's name. It goes beyond, into the opening moments of "Though Lovers Be Lost," the opening of Third Season, to dramatize how Catherine brought Vincent back from death through their becoming "truly one." No lava and roses here, folks.

Additional scenes answer other questions the episodes only implied or left tantalizingly unresolved.

The running theme of these episodes is the emergence of "the Other" (as Vincent calls him): the Beast, and Vincent's failing attempts to suppress this vital, primal, yet destructive side of his nature. Paracelsus attempts to liberate the Beast...and succeeds, though that success is through his own death at Vincent's hands. Its emergence is the greatest threat the relationship of Vincent and Catherine has ever faced...counterpointed against the investigations of a reporter, Bernie Spirko, who threatens to disclose the secret of Vincent's existence and destroy the lovers, apparently set on the hunt by magnate builder Elliot Burch--Vincent's most dangerous rival for Catherine's love.

The pivotal moment is Vincent crouching in his chamber and demanding of Catherine, "Look at me!" Catherine steadfastly sees what she must, and says what she must, and the insoluable conflict between Vincent and his forbidden "Other" finally comes to a head...and to a resolution.

Over a dozen pieces of interior art by well-known artist Barb Gipson. Here are some samples:

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